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Right automation level

Soft4Inventory, software for stock management, is designed as a cooperative platform between the Inventory Management Operator, who has the ability to make decisions on inventory levels, and the computer, whose task is to calculate large amounts of data and provide condensed reports to the operator. Contrary to automatic forecasting, when decisions on inventory levels are entrusted to algorithms, Soft4Inventory is designed to recognize cases where the inventory level should be changed with a high degree of accuracy, leaving the final decision to the Operator (semi automatic mode). Final result – very high reliability, with probably the lowest possible time consumption.

Role Center Inventory Manager
Stock Manager’s System Home Window

Transparency of process

When an efficient decision on inventory management depends on the human factor, Soft4Inventory visualization tools, such as the SKU chart, inventory state colors, and work flow control, help to identify where the decision needs to be made, what decision has or has not been made, and why.

SKU Chart
Visualization Tools

Extremely fast decision making
With easy stock management software Soft4Inventory, your people can take decisions at a glance: to buy or not to buy, switch to the substituting item or not, what to do if the conditions have changed, etc. This allows your company to react faster to market changes.

Unified KPI’s

A unified set of KPI’s applies to all management levels from operational to strategic, focusing managers at each level on the same priorities. This excludes conflicts due to managers at different levels setting different priorities, and makes the decision-making and execution process more efficient.

Overstock KPI
Overstock KPI
Lost Sales KPI
Lost Sales KPI

Harmonization with LEAN culture

Soft4Inventory, stock management system software, is a perfect fit for companies following LEAN ideas, as they generally use pull replenishment and try as far as possible to have transparent processes and unified KPIs.

Core of the “Pull replenishment” procedure
Soft4Inventory, stock and inventory management software, has an efficient and easy-to-follow self-control and external control system, which leads operators through their daily tasks according to the Pull replenishment procedure. This is a useful feature when needed for overcoming employee resistance to change.

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