Reorder Point vs. Reorder Schedule

When talking about reorder quantity calculations, there are a lot of various mathematical models to choose from., but which one is the best choice? Of course, the business specifics of a company should be evaluated here, as well as many other factors. But in this article, we will try to provide you with some essential guidelines that can help make a choice.

Tired of Online? Choose Face-to-Face Communication!

You see many companies sending their message to you everyday all around the Internet in a form of e-mail, ad, pop-up banner, video commercial or in many more ways. It’s the best way for connection between the people all around the World, it’s the easiest way to reach you and start communication. However, it also brings people further apart. Read ow and why, and how to avoid it in this blog.

The Success of Zara: Technology Makes It Possible

I believe that you couldn‘t find a woman, who knows about fashion even just a little bit, that wouldn‘t know the name Zara. Most of the men have heard the name too. The company is so successful, that by 2008 it became the world’s largest fashion retailer, having eight brands in total, but going ahead of the competition with Zara in front seat accounting for roughly two-thirds of sales. How did they do that?

INFOGRAPHIC: Inventory Management Approach: Pull vs. Push

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