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Tired of Online? Choose Face-to-Face Communication!

Author Laura Kranauskaite  Laura
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You see many companies sending their message to you everyday all around the Internet in a form of e-mail, ad, pop-up banner, video commercial or in many more ways. It’s the best way for connection between the people all around the World, it’s the easiest way to reach you and start communication. The good side is that it doesn’t cost you a lot, you can contact whoever you want any time of the day, wherever he/she is. Unfortunately, this also brings us further apart. Nowadays we spend most of our time during the day socializing virtually, instead of virtually. We loose the real connection.

In my blog “Why Online if You Can Choose Face-to-Face for Business Conversations?” I remind that there is a way for a face-to-face communication with number of people at the same time, it’s just sometimes gets forgotten.

We at SOFT4 want to keep the real connection between us and our partners, therefore we are coming to meet all of the partners to Directions EMEA, in Prague, Czech Republic on 12-14 October!

Looking forward to meeting you all!


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